Solar energy

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Solar energy

An hour of solar energy is enough to meet the annual energy demands of the whole world.
Solar energy can be used for heating, hot water, electricity and cooling. Therefore solar energy will become an important energy source in the future energy supply, not least in connection with buildings. The technology for the exploitation of solar energy can be divided into thermal (solar heat) and electric (photovoltaic) systems. The systems can function either on a decentralized basis or in connection with the electricity or heating supply network, and thus there is an enormous spectre of possibilities.

How can the Danish Technological Institute help you?
Through our long-standing activities in the area of solar energy, we have built up an extensive practical and theoretical expertise on technologies, standards, market conditions and potentials for both solar cells and solar heating systems. Services from Danish Technological Institute include:

  • Consulting Services
  • Inspection and Trouble Shooting
  • Laboratory and Field Measurements
  • Instruction
  • Quality assurance of Components, Systems and Installations  
  • Technical Due Diligence on Solar Cell Projects Home and Abroad  
  • Partnership in National and International Research and Development Projects (F&U projects)

In connection with Danish investors’ interest in investing in large solar cell parks in southern Europe, we have carried out inspections and calculations of the expected output from these projects, including the system in Almeria, Spain, mentioned below.

Thi-Fi-Tec is an ongoing F&U-project where, among other things, we are comparing the annual output from different new types of thin film solar cells that are about to be introduced on the market. This project is conducted in collaboration with, Danfoss Solar Inverters which has developed the special electronic loads that we use. 

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