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Jan  Nielsen

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Metrology - Consultancy

Consultancy on metrology

Our employees have acquired a considerable knowledge in metrology through their work with measurements and calibration, development projects, teaching, etc.

We are very knowledgeable and experienced in e.g. micro electronics and IT combined with measurements, data transmission, data processing and uncertainty analysis. Besides, we have a thorough knowledge of documentation and validation of methods. Several of our laboratories are designated national primary and reference laboratories – a guarantee for a high metrological level.

How can DTI help you?

We provide individual consultancy in metrology, analysis and quality assurance of measurement data. An example is analysis and documentation of a company’s measuring chain. In close cooperation with the company we achieve knowledge about the relevant measurement systems, we analyse and evaluate the data and based on this we determine the optimum solution. We can perform measurements requiring that the uncertainty is also known under complex conditions and on-site.

Examples of typical assignments we solve for our clients:

Compliance with requirements from authorities and users: New legislation, EU directives and standards that require metrological documentation.

Cost reduction: Increased efficiency, reduction of shutdowns and discarding

Flexibility: Fast and flexible adjustment to processes and corresponding measurement set-ups

Quality assurance: Compliance with standards, e.g. ISO 9000 and ISO 17025

Innovation: Requirements for new measurement set-ups, e.g. concerning flexibility