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Praveen Kumar Ramasamy

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Micro Algae services

Microalgae Services

We are both cultivation and downstream partners.

Over the last many years, we have built up laboratories and knowledge regarding testing, characterization, upscaling, and optimization of microalgal process for bioproducts. Our upscaling facilities cover microalgae production from single cell to continuous production in pilot scale photobioreactors and therefrom the biomass processing.This allows us to advise and help you with moving microalgae from the research scale to pilot production and harvest.

If your company is looking at the possibilities involved in establishing a microalgae production or products, DTI can help you! You can consult us regarding commercial algae production, bioremediation, downstream processing, and we have a variety of facilities available.

How can Danish Technological Institute help you?

Analysis and test of a specific algae cultivation and remediation potential

  • Characterization of optimal growth conditions for microalgae
  • Demonstration of algae production upscaling to pilot scale photobioreactor
  • Microalgae propagation for commercial production
  • Advice on commercial algae production, hereunder:
    Design of cultivation systems
    Nutrition levels, pH, CO2, O2, temperature, light requirements
    Start-up and propagation for own operation
    Harvest and stable production management
    Hygiene, contamination and disinfection
    Screening of side-streams for nutrient content
    Analysis and test of algal cultivation and remediation potentials
    Microalgae cultivation system design
    Start up and scale up for actual operation
    Harvest and management to stable production

We have hands-on experience with microalgal remediation of:

  • Degasified pig slurry and raw slurry
  • Bilge water from biological and acid-based air purification
  • Urban wastewater
  • Brewery side streams

Downstream processing (both technical and food grade processes)

  • Biomass harvesting

Continuous centrifugation


Membrane filtration

  • Drying


Spray drying

  • Extraction

Lipid and pigment extraction – Supercritical CO2

Protein hydrolysis

  • Biomass extrusion/co-extrusion

Evaluation for food ingredients: Quality and shelf-life analysis

Life cycle and techno-economic analysis