Plant breeding and biotechnology

Anna-Catharina  Röper

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Plant breeding and biotechnology

Danish Technological Institute is providing a new series of specialist training courses within the field of plant breeding. Aim is to increase the understanding of traditional and modern plant breeding methodologies. Employee associated to breeding programs or if interested to know more about the working steps of breeder will get an overview about different breeding methodologies, the purpose and application. The courses will improve the working flow within the team by that will strength the business. 

Furthermore, DTI can help your company develop the plant properties your customers demand. We are able to improve your genetic material by traditional and modern breeding methodologies. The Work of this character is carried out in our Bio-Tech Service Lab.

In our Bio-tech Service Lab we can accommodate your entire needs regarding plant cultivation and propagation. Our strength lies in developing methods and new products to optimize your company product portfolio. We can support state of the art knowledge and equipment, because we are transferring new knowledge from research to production and business.

How can Danish Technological Institute help you?

We can also assist you with cultivating new plant varieties.