Quality Assurance of Coatings - ISO 9001 and FDA accepted coatings

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Quality Assurance of Coatings - ISO 9001 and FDA accepted coatings

At the Danish Technological Institute, we have many years of experience in quality assurance of tribological coatings. A key element in quality assurance is due diligence, which helps to ensure a professional handling of our customers' tribological challenges.

When it comes to product quality, longevity and performance are of great importance, and it ultimately plays a crucial role in the customer's experience. Therefore, quality assurance within Tribology focuses on the entire value chain: From receiving the part to the delivery of the finished part - and of course in exactly the quality that reflects the customer's wishes.

Traceability and a structured and controlled approach

To ensure a high quality and meet the customer's wishes, traceability as well as a structured and controlled process is essential. Well-defined workflows and processes linked together by a system for managing the tasks ensure that the customer gets the right product. This is all documented in our ISO 9001 certification.

The ISO 9001 certification describes standard procedures for how we check whether the product's quality meets the customer's wishes and needs. These standard procedures include, among other things, cap sanding, Rockwell-C testing, and a visual inspection of the products.

FDA-accepted coatings for the food industry

If you want a coating for use in the food segment, we also have FDA-accepted coatings for this industrial segment.

How can the Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • To ensure that the delivered product and the processes surrounding it live up to the customer's expectations
  • To be a professional partner who helps if there are deviations from what is expected
  • To ensure traceability in all processes when required.