Sewerage and drains

Ulrik  Hindsberger

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Kloak og afløb

Sewerage and drains

A well-functioning drainage system is crucial in today’s society. This applies to both new plants and when old sewer systems need to be renovated. Components need to be suitable for the purpose and the job must be carried out correctly. The future must also be taken into consideration, as climate changes will have a massive effect on the drainage systems and their functionality. We possess the knowledge needed to ensure well-functioning drainage systems.

How can Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • Climate changes and their impact on sewer systems in the future
  • Requirements to be imposed on renovation of drainage systems
  • Assessment of the condition of both new and old drainage systems
  • Wastewater drainage in areas without drainage systems
  • Possibilities of water savings and a biodynamic handling of wastewater
  • Latest news in the scientific magazine Kloaktuelt and answers to questions about drainage in the “Answer Service”