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Tribology - Tribology Products

The lifetime of tools and machine parts is very dependent on the wear mechanisms they are exposed to. A surface treatment can therefore reduce the wear significantly. The right surface treatment combined with a proper material choice can therefore reduce or totally eliminate wear. In some cases it is even possible to avoid the use of lubricants. 

We provide coatings for most production tools, machine parts and finished components. Our coatings are used to prevent wear, corrosion, friction and further as release layers and for decorative purposes. Some of the coatings are electrical isolating, catalytically active, or conductive for specific ions. 

The Tribology Centre provides a wide range of coatings  (CrN, TiAlN, DLC, TiN, TiCN, TiO2, Al2O3, YSZ, pure metals ) and surface treatments (PVD, plasma CVD, ion implantation, IBAD, plasma nitriding and combination treatments).

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