Energy Efficiency Laboratory - Vaccine storage units and transportation boxes

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Energy Efficiency Lab

Energy Efficiency Laboratory - Vaccine storage units and transportation boxes

Effective and functional appliances are essential when managing the cold storage and transportation of vaccines. Danish Technological Institute is accredited by WHO to carry out tests according to the WHO PQS methods, E03, E004 and E005.

Compliance with WHO requirements 

We offer accredited testing of your vaccine storage units and transportation boxes in order to ensure that they comply with WHO requirements.

The vaccine storage units cover all types of stationary refrigerators and freezers used for storing vaccines. In the Energy Efficiency Laboratory, we are able to test both solar powered and mains connected appliances designed for multiple purposes.

The transportation boxes cover all types of insulated containers, cold-boxes and vaccine carriers intented for storing vaccines during field trips or electrical power failure. The transportation boxes include all types of water-packs; ice-packs, cool-packs and warm-packs.

We also offer assistance in a wide range of areas from thermodynamic simulations to product optimization and development. Our professional foundation is among others our expert competencies in refrigeration technology and PV systems. Through test and development, we can assist you in making your appliances ready for the international market.

QA inspections of PV systems

The use of solar photovoltaic power for refrigerators is increasing, especially in remote areas, where the electricity supply is unreliable or non-existent. We offer QA inspections of PV systems to ensure optimum efficiency and performance.

Solar energy is an important source of energy, which can be used for heating, hot water, electricity and cooling. The technology for exploiting solar energy can be divided into thermal (solar heat) and electric (photovoltaic) systems. Here, you can read more about solar energy.

Case - SolarChill

Danish Technological Institute has participated in one of the world's first R&D projects focusing on the development of a solar powered vaccine cooler; SolarChill.

The main objective of the SolarChill project was to help deliver vaccines and refrigeration to the rural poor. To achieve this objective, the SolarChill project developed a versatile refrigeration technology that is environmentally sound, technologically reliable, and affordable.

SolarChill does not use any fluorocarbons in its cooling system or in the insulation. Moreover, the refrigerator is able to operate directly on solar PV panels, without battery or additional electronics, and it is therefore suitable for locations where little maintenance and reliable operation is mandatory.

You can read more about the project in the final report of the project:



Pdf –(Produktkort)