On-site Calibration of Flow Meters

Torben  Vonsild

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On-site Calibration of Flow Meters

Until now calibration of large flow meters (>DN200) in district heating plants, waterworks and process industries has often been a difficult and costly affair. Danish Technological Institute has an ideal solution to this problem by offering the convenience of on-site calibration of flow meters based on Laser-Doppler Velocimetry technology.

This versatile method can be applied to both cold and hot water systems.

How can Danish Technological Institute help you?
With the help of modern laser technology and advanced data analysis, Danish Technological Institute offers accredited, on-site, LDV-based calibration of your flow meter. Furthermore we conduct traceable measurings with clamp-on ultrasound meters.

On-site calibration
We carry out on-site calibration of flow meters from DN100 to DN1000 mm and a flow range of 0.25 - 17,000 m3/h, offering a measurement uncertainty of ±0.9%.

In addition to determination of the volume flow, this method is also an excellent tool for characterization of the flow conditions such as flow disturbances and swirl.

We carry out traceable calibration of flow meters from DN 10 to DN 300 with flow less than 500 m3/h by clamp-on Measurement but without accreditation.

We provide the connection to

  • The calibration laboratories at Danish Technological Institute with expertises to meet your requirements
  • Other centres at Danish Technological Institute with professional competences ready to help you find solutions.

The Flow Laboratory at the Danish Technological Institute has for several years provided assistance concerning flow and energy measurement to heating plants, meter manufacturers, process industries, pharmaceutical companies and many others.

The Flow Laboratory participates in international cooperation i.a. through EURAMET and has been pointed out as Primary Laboratory by the Danish Safety Technology Authority. The Laboratory is part of the Danish "Centre of Excellence" for flow Measurement, Flow Centre Denmark.

Description of the method in EuroHeat and Power.

Besides calibration and consultancy the laboratory also arranges technical courses.