Tubular 5 - Steam Vacuum Tool

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Tubular 5 - Steam Vacuum Tool

Steam vacuum suction has become a commonly accepted and useful method to improve slaughter hygiene. Steam Vac is an equipment for efficient and fast cleaning of warm carcasses. Designed for improving beef, sheep and pig carcass hygiene.

We have developed two alternative tools which have proven efficient for cleaning and removing of fat lumps and bone fragments. It is an efficient tool for application at the end of the slaughter line as a CCP or at other critical positions such as hide removal or evisceration.

Tubular 5 is constructed with flexible silicone nozzles that follow the carcass surface closely.
A cluster of several nozzles makes cleaning of large areas possible. The silicon steam nozzles are easy to clean as they do not have material films sticking to the nozzles as is sometimes the case for metal type heads.

  • Continuous steam vacuum through cluster of silicone nozzles
  • Improved removal of contaminations like hair and faecal spots
  • Easy to operate and move on the surface
  • Easy cleaning