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Who are we - Insight and Perspectives 2023










Please read our publication online -  Insight and Perspectives - Danish Technological Institute 2023.


Letter from CEO and Chairman of the Board

We succeed when businesses and society succeed

Exceeding planetary boundaries, the geopolitical situation, and the risk of recession. These three global challenges in particular created the need for transformation in 2023 and thus new opportunities for society and business. The need - and opportunities - lie particularly within sustainable solutions, global collaboration, regional technological sovereignty, as well as resilience and security. Moreover, the opportunity to strengthen companies' competitiveness and innovation is opened.

Denmark and the Institute are in a privileged position to actively contribute to the transformation that follows in the wake of global challenges, and we look forward to translating opportunities into solutions in the coming year. Society and the individual actor must balance like never before between international collaboration and national security, between collaborative innovation and competition, and at the same time weigh both ESG goals and resilience.

Danish Technological Institute complements the operations and scope of companies, accelerates the development of specific services, and reduces development risks in individual companies. We provide knowledge, networks, and laboratories that create industry-ready concrete solutions that meet the needs of companies and the market.

Danish Technological Institute's mission, in the words of our founder Gunnar Gregersen, is to "place ourselves where we sense that the Institute's help will be needed", i.e., where society and companies have and will need us.

An indispensable part of the Danish innovation system

The mission requires that the Institute is constantly at the forefront, in ongoing development, and in close collaboration with the business community, actors within the innovation and business promotion system, and authorities both nationally and internationally. This requires great agility, creativity, and focus on implementable, business-friendly solutions from the Institute. These should not only solve a problem for a single company but also pave the way for a brighter future for both business broadly in Denmark and for the global agendas.

Danish Technological Institute's 1,100 employees, who carry the desire to act and daily fulfill the socially beneficial role to perfection, are the guarantors of a result-creating behavior through their daily work. Through proactive efforts, work is specifically aimed at ensuring that the Institute's work is current and known to relevant actors within the business community's interest organizations as well as the innovation and business promotion system.

Juan Farré                                   Mikael Bay Hansen
CEO                                             Chairman of the Board