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Battery test

DTI offers testing and counseling on batteries. If you want to know the real energy content or see a voltage curve for a battery, we can test it in our battery laboratory and provide answers.
When choosing a battery, much more than capacity must be addressed. Development of a well-functioning product requires consideration of factors such as life, load, safety, surrounding temperature and charging method versus time.

Own battery laboratory

In our battery laboratory, we characterize battery cells and battery packs for different operating conditions and climatic conditions. We can, for example measure the energy content and  test the life time and safety  We also offer advice if a lead battery is desired replaced with a lithium - ion battery.

How can Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • Could there be safety problems?
  • How long is the battery life?
  • What is the effect of changing temperatures?
  • Which technology offers the best match of performance and economy to the application?

Being independent of supplier interests the Danish Technological Institute offers objective help to answer these and many other questions and assist the companies in meeting the market’s demand for lighter, more ergonomic, environmentally friendly and safe products with longer life and less maintenance.

Danish Technological Institute’s experts covers a wide spectrup of tests and consultancy schemes. Advice on battery technologies matching the application and the standards relevant to observe.

Capacity measurements on most battery technologies, both cells and battery packs, in accordance with e.g. EN61982

Configurable measurements - application specific load and charge profiles under simulated boundary conditions

  • User-specified load and charge profiles
  • Load profile controlled from data logged by end-users
  • Load profile compliant with standards

Tests and approvals
Characterisation of capacity relative to temperature or load.
Safety in connection with battery packs.
Design, implementation and end-user testing of prototype batteries and equipment containing batteries.