Carcass Chilling Survey and Derived Meat Quality

Niels  Conradsen

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Derived meat quality

Carcass Chilling Survey and Derived Meat Quality

We offer a strong and combined consultancy concept – in which technique and meat quality walk hand in hand. The meat industry is constantly developing; capacity increases, carcass weight increases and old and worn-out processes are no longer adequate and provide poor results with respect to e.g.:

  • High chill loss – compared to best practice
  • Product shrinkage
  • PSE and increased drip loss
  • pH1+2+3
  • Colour
  • Soft meat
  • Cold shortening and tough meat
  • Final cutting temperature is not met – un-uniform product temperatures
  • Dried out surfaces or wet surfaces

Issus can be many! And which quality defects derive from the carcass chilling process, and which ones from other processes?

Depending on the quality issue(s), we will set a team of 2-3 consultants. The following will typically be assessed while on-site:

  1. Pre-slaughter treatment
  2. Slaughter processes
  3. Carcass chilling process
  4. Cut & deboning

The duration of such a task is 2 working weeks: 1 week on-site + 1 week for reporting.

The output from the above exercise will be a report with measurements, specifications and illustrations in which we elaborate on identified findings and provide proposals on how to solve or improve them.

Carcass chilling surveyPSE and drip loss test