Gas and liquid permeability of polymer materials

Jakob S. Engbæk

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Gas and liquid permeability of polymer materials

Whether you need to keep a soda fizzy or ensure that the fuel in your fuel tank stays in the tank, the material's permeability of molecules is important. In the case of polymer materials, other molecules may dissolve into the polymer, and they may, therefore, diffuse through the material. This phenomenon is known as permeation of gas, or as liquid and gas transmission.

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How can the Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • Measurement of equilibrium gas transmission rate through a sample
  • Measurements at different temperatures
  • Measurement in real-time of the process starting from when a gas or fluid is applied on the primary side until equilibrium is reached on the secondary side. From this kind of measurements we can get the diffusivity and solubility of the gas molecules in the polymer. 
  • We can measure multiple samples simultaneously with different gases/liquids, at identical or different temperatures. We perform measurements adapted to your needs.

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