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Green concrete activities - Articles

Lars Nyholm Thrane

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Green concrete activities - Articles

Articles submitted and published in scientific journals and conference proceedings:

Title:   Publiched:
Green Concrete Activities - 10 years after Tenth ACI International Conf. on Recent Advances in Concrete Technology and Sustainability Issues. October 2009, Seville, Spain
Carbon Footprint of Concrete Buildings seen in Life Cycle Perspective fib 2009 Symposium, June 2009, London, UK
Carbon footprint of concrete buildings seen in the life cycle perspective NRMCA 2008 Concrete Technology Forum, June 2008, Denver
Danish Experiences with a Decade of Green Concrete Journ. Advanced Concr. Technology. Japan Concrete Institute, Feb. 2007
Sustainable Concrete Structures - A Win-Win Situation for Industry and Society "Global Construction: Ultimate Concrete Oppertunities, Dundee Scotland, 2005
Environmental Performance of Danish Precast Industry BIBM International Congress, Amsterdam, 2005
Equivalent performance concept - green concrete "Fly ash in Concrete", Poland, 2005
Environmentally "Green" Concrete Structures Concrete and Environment, fib-Symposium, Berlin, Oct. 2001
Durability of Resource Saving "Green" Types of Concrete Concrete and Environment, fib-Symposium, Berlin, Oct. 2001
Danish Centre for Green Concrete CANMET/ACI, Sustainable development and concrete technology, San Francisco, Sept. 2001
Cleaner Technology Solutions in the Life Cycle of Concrete Products CANMET/ACI, Sustainable development and concrete technology, San Francisco, Sept. 2001
"Green" Concrete in Denmark Structural Concrete, Fib, No. 1, 2000, pp. 1-6

Survey of Environmental Aspect of the Danish Concrete Industry

Nordic Concrete Research, No. 22, 1999