Imaging of pharmaceutical products - Capsule thickness in 3D

Erik  Wisaeus

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To billeder fra mikro CT scanning der viser et fiskoliepille i tværsnit

Imaging of pharmaceutical products - Capsule thickness in 3D

Micro CT-scanning is well suited for non-destructive 3D analysis of small samples and products. In the case presented below, a fish oil supplement pill has been analyzed with the purpose to measure and visualize the capsule thickness. The information can be used to identify flaws and weaknesses in the capsule. The volume of fish oil and capsule can also be determined from the dataset.

The method is suited for materials ranging from a few 100 µm up to a few centimeters in diameter, and the voxel size ranges from 1-25 µm.


3D genereret billede fra mikro CT scanning der viser en fiskeolie tabletThe investigation shows that the thinnest part of the capsule can be found in the welded joint on the side of the pill. The corresponding thickness on the other side of the capsule is however relatively thick, which indicates the production process can be optimized to improve the durability of the capsule.

The volume weighted average capsule thickness is calculated to 446 µm. The thinnest and thickest parts are measured to 252 µm and 705 mm thickness. The fish oil enclosed by the capsule has a volume of 0.54 cm3 = 0.54 milliliters.

The step-by-step video shown below is an example of how an investigation can be undertaken. The method is well suited for a variety of different material types and and purposes, for example materials development, inspection of hidden elements or non-destructive fault analysis. Typical applications are within medical devices, porous materials, composite materials, 3D printed materials, and electronic and micromechanic components and products.