Sampling and Monitoring Products

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Sampling and Monitoring Products

DTI provides the following products to our clients.

System review – helping operators identify key microbiology issues in the production system.

Customized monitoring programs – based on DTI’s state-of-art analytical tools, providing fast and reliable feedback to clients. Benchmark assessment towards DTI database.

Risk assessment package –  based on DTI’s state-of-art analytical tools and DTI Risk Assessment Database, providing fast and reliable feedback to clients.

Pipeline integrity assessment – with a few solid or debris samples, answers about the state of the pipeline and possible ongoing corrosion/MIC can be obtained.

MIC failure analysis – from solid samples, piping or corrosion coupons, our MIC Risk Assessment (MICRA) program can provide answers on corrosion mechanisms and possible involvement of microbes.

Flexible sampling solutions – for a range of different situations and systems:

- IQ Kit© North Sea – for safe sampling and shipment within 48 hrs

- IQ Kit© World-Wide – for safe sampling and shipment of fixed samples world-wide

- IQ Kit© Solids – for shipment of solids, biofilm, corrosion coupons and pigging debris

- IQ Kit© Special Service – customized sampling kits obtained upon request

For ordering any of the above products, please use the message box on this page.