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Sensors for robots and quality control - Home

Jacob  Kortbek

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Robot med vision

Sensors for robots and quality control - Home

Robots are becoming easier to set up and use, but specialist expertise is necessary if you want to install advanced sensor systems, e.g. vision, on your robot.

A selection of our products and services within sensor technology are listed below.

DTI Vision Box

DTI Vision Box - Quality control and inspection in 2D and 3D​

We provide real time industrial vision solutions with high levels of flexibility regarding quality control and item handling.

Read more here. 

Robotteknologi med 3D CAD-baseret vision

Robot Technologies with 3D CAD-based vision​

Robots can easily perform menial tasks. However, greater flexibility is in demand, and if the parts arrive in only partially structured layers, then machine vision techniques are needed for the solutions to be successful.

Read more here.

Visionbox. Kamera.


Send us samples of what you need inspected by a camera system and we will assess the difficulty and evaluate how to progress towards a robust functional system.

Read more here.