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Antifouling Coatings - Services

Fouling of topside oil production equipment can practically be eliminated or reduced to a minimum by use of the DTI antifouling coatings.

In our dedicated pilot facilities, we produce and apply the antifouling coatings to heat exchanger plates, centrifuges and other top side equipment. Application is performed by spray, flush or dip-coating, why practically all geometries can be coated.

The DTI coating is the preferred choice of coating when high thermal conductivity, thin coating layer, flexible properties and chemical resistance is required – as is the case for equipment used in offshore installations.

Our service is known for: 

  • Short lead times. Coating assignments are expedited as soon as possible and often the coated materials are returned after only a few days
  • Flexibility. The production setup is highly customizable, to ensure that very diverse and highly specialized coating procedures can be undertaken.

Profitable for operators as maintenance intervals are extended significantly!

In our modern laboratories we perform technical evaluation of crude oil processing equipment and evaluate the potential in the application of an anti-fouling and maintenance free surface coating.

Further, we tailor coatings to perform in different environments and to be used on a wide range of equipment.

Services in brief:

  • Anti-fouling coating of crude oil processing equipment such as plate heat exchangers etc.
  • Technical evaluation of oil processing equipment and possibilities for use of anti-fouling coatings
  • Customization of coatings for specific environments and installations