Environmental Technology for Agriculture - Measuring ammonia emission from agriculture

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Ammoniak emission

Environmental Technology for Agriculture - Measuring ammonia emission from agriculture

Danish Technological Institut can document the effect of technologies that mitigate ammonia emission from barns, slurry storages, and from slurry application to soil. 


Ammonia emission from agriculture leads to loss of nutrients in the natural fertilizer, which means a smaller profit for farmers. In addition, loss of nutrients to the environment leads to a cascade of negative effects in nature. The amount of ammonia lost due to evaporation is important for farmers who wish to develop or expand their production. Hence, there is a large market for environmental technologies that mitigate ammonia emissions.   

How can Danish Technological Institute help you?

Danish Technological Institute can document the effect of technology for mitigating ammonia emission by measuring ammonia gas with high precision measuring methods. The measurement can be done in connection with technologies targeting animal houses, storages, or slurry applications to soils. 

Here is a list with a few examples of how Danish Technological Institute can contribute

  • Precise and effective determination of ammonia loss from animal houses, slurry storages, and slurry application to soils/fields
  • Determine the reduction of ammonia emission when technology is applied
  • Determine ammonia emission from specific production systems
  • Document the effect of your technology for mitigating ammonia emission 

Danish Technological Institute possesses very precise and high-tech measuring systems that enable exact determination of ammonia emission from slurry management systems. In this manner, we contribute to determining the ammonia reduction effect in new types of barns, production systems, and by application of environmental technologies. This documentation helps with marketing your product and sale.