Insects - 4. Resources

Jonas Lembcke Andersen

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Insects - 4. Resources

Here you can see and download research posters, articles, presentations and contributions by the insect team at the Danish Technological Institute.



Production and Optimization of Hermetia illucens (L.) Larvae Reared on Food Waste and Utilized as Feed Ingredient


Biodegradation of expanded polystyrene by mealworm larvae under different feeding strategies evaluated by metabolic profiling using GC-TOF-MS


Ingestion of Insect Protein Isolate Enhances Blood Amino Acid Concentrations Similar to Soy Protein in A Human Trial


Effects of Insect Protein Supplementation during Resistance Training on Changes in Muscle Mass and Strength in Young Men


Impact of density, reproduction period and age on fecundity of the yellow mealworm Tenebrio molitor


Investigation of Consumer Acceptance of Foods Containing Insects and Development of Non-Snack Insect-based Foods


Role of temperature on growth and metabolic rate in the tenebrionid beetles Alphitobius diaperinus and Tenebrio molitor


Sustainable Mealworm Production for Feed and Food


inVALUABLE: Insect value chain in a circular bioeconomy




Modeling temperature, airflow and GHG distribution in insect production setups using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)


Utilization of yeast supplement for improving Hermetia illucens reproductive and larval performance




Optimization of Black Soldier Fly reproduction using new odour attractant and egg collectors


Insect protein for sustainable feed production


Development of efficient feeds for production of Black Soldier Fly Larvae derived from industrial byproducts








Talks from the RECIPE Symposium, August 11 2022