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Machinery Directive - Type Examination - Operating systems according to DS/EN ISO 13849-1

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Machinery Directive - Type Examination - Operating systems according to DS/EN ISO 13849-1

Does the construction or the machine's safety-related operating system have the proper level?

If the security circuit is built up according to the traditional principles, this is no longer given. The old standard DS/EN 954-1 has been replaced by DS/EN ISO 13849-1.

The previously known categories from EN 954-1 have been transferred to the new standard. Here, they are included as a combination together with other parameters that result in a Performance Level.

These changes require a new approach at the construction, and they influence the constructor’s work of interpreting pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical operating systems.

The Danish Technological Institute can help you

  • Create an overview of the requirements in the standard and current legislation
  • Provide guidance on the construction of security-related operating systems
  • Review documentation
  • Select security category and Performance Level
  • Validate systems
  • Calculate levels using PAScal or SISTEMA
  • CE mark the entire machine
  • Advise in connection with CE marking of machines.

We have many years of experience with CE marking with a thorough knowledge of relevant EU directives, standards and current legislation.

Contact us if you need help with the CE marking, or if you have any questions.