Processing of insects

Jonas Lembcke Andersen

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Processing of insects

The processing of insects is vital when using insects either for food or feed. Currently, processed insects are mainly used in different food products and only to a smaller extent as feed. The technique used for processing insects is important for ensuring the development of a high-quality protein meal as raw material for application in various products.

Depending on the chosen end-product, different technologies can be used for processing insects, e.g. drying, milling and extrusion. Feed and food safety will depend on the feeding substrates used for insects and the subsequent processing method. The possible hazards can be microbiological or chemical, which may affect food/feed safety.

Danish Technological Institute offers

  • Food and feed safety analysis
  • Facilities for drying, milling and extrusion
  • Toxicological and allergenic assessments
  • Development of products