Extrusion of food products

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Extrusion of food products

Test production of your plant-based foods at our pilot facility


Pilot Production of Future Foods

At our pilot facility, we can tailor various processes to test your plant-based product using our food extruder. In a day, we can run 7-8 productions with different focuses on structure, texture, taste, and color to achieve a satisfactory result. We use 3D printing technology, among other things, to make our equipment even more flexible. In our food-approved premises, we have equipment for several processes and can therefore run productions of your product down to 20 kg at a time. This allows you to test more economically and quickly adjust your recipe, making it ready for the market.

Our pilot facility is a registered food company allowed to produce food as a subcontractor. If you need to test your new product on the market, we can therefore assist you from production to drying and packaging on a small scale.


Extrusion of Plant Proteins

In our process hall, we have a food-approved extruder that we use for the production of TVP (textured vegetable protein) and HMMA ('high-moisture meat analogues'). We have experience in texturing various ingredients and use this experience when developing an optimal extrusion process for your specific recipe.


We help with the production of your plant-based product:

Process and product development of extruded plant products
Danish Technological Institute has a flexible pilot-scale set-up for extruding various products. We can produce both TVP and HMMA for meat alternatives, and we have experience with both plant proteins and alternative protein sources such as insects and algae. In addition, we have extensive experience in snack production, where sustainability in ingredient choice is a key parameter.

Documentation and testing of raw materials' extrusion properties
With Danish Technological Institute as a partner, you will always have access to the test results, which will be documented throughout the process. We have made it easy to access testing of new raw materials' extrusion properties, and we can also advise on how the extruded products are best used.

Relevant pre- and post-treatment
We have the ability to perform a wide range of relevant pre- and post-treatments of your raw material, both in wet and dry processes. Contact us to find out more.

Dry and wet texturing of plant protein concentrate
At Danish Technological Institute we have extensive experience with both dry and wet texturing of plant protein concentrate. With us as a partner, you will have access to this experience and our knowledge about the interaction between different ingredients and process parameters.

Testing of additive stability in the extrusion and drying process
At Danish Technological Institute we offer testing of different ingredients' functionalities. For example, you may need knowledge about an ingredient's suitability in relation to the texturing process or the development of an optimal extrusion process for your specific recipe. Using our pilot scale extruder, we can quickly and efficiently test various additives' stability and functionality.

Contract manufacturing of foods
At Danish Technological Institute we offer smaller contract manufacturing of various products, including meat alternatives (such as textured vegetable protein (TVP)), snacks, and breakfast products. For example, you may need 500 kg of product for customer samples or to be included in dishes. The product will be an intermediate product that needs to be repackaged or included in another production.



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