Antifouling Coatings - Excellent repelling properties

Claus  Bischoff

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Antifouling Coatings - Excellent repelling properties

Fouling of crude oil processing equipment is a major challenge in oil production. DTI has developed a series of coatings designed to reduce the accumulation of fouling on surfaces in contact with crude oil. The anti-fouling coatings are relevant for a wide range of processing equipment in oil production. E.g. plate heat exchangers, high speed centrifuges and hydro cyclone liners.

Our coatings reduce the fouling of both organic and inorganic deposits significantly and provides oil producers huge cost savings due to reduced maintenance requirements, improved performance, higher reliability and a better HSE profile.

Through a decade DTI has developed coatings with unique functionalities suitable for equipment used in harsh environments such as the offshore oil & gas industry. A proven track record shows that our glass-ceramic coatings have excellent repellent properties against oil, wax and limestone deposition on crude oil processing equipment surfaces.

Antifouling coatings

Fouling prevention on crude oil coolers. The picture to the left shows an uncoated heat exchanger plate after half a year in operation. Fouling has caused increased pressure drop, reduced heat transfer and consequently increased the risk of compromising the overall oil production. When coated with the DTI developed repellent coating, the heat exchanger can be kept in operation for more than three years without service – as depicted in the picture to the right. That means that five service procedures can be saved.

Please contact us for more information about your possibilities for maintenance savings on crude oil processing equipment.