HUNTERS' POINT buys its own metal 3D printer – the printer is operated by DTI

Kristoffer Ryelund Nielsen

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Mennesker i metal 3D-print produktion

HUNTERS' POINT buys its own metal 3D printer – the printer is operated by DTI

The hunting shop HUNTERS' POINT in Bjerringbro, Denmark has invested in a metal 3D printer which will print silencers in titanium. The Danish Technological Institute handles the operation of the printer while the store's gunsmith is trained. That way, production can continue while HUNTERS' POINT gets ready to handle the operation themselves in the future.

After a long product development process in collaboration with Dansk Teknologi, HUNTERS' POINT gets their titanium silencers (Ti6AI4V) 3D printed at the Danish Technological Institute. With consultancy and initial production at the Danish Technological Institute (DTI), the store has been able to validate the concept and test the demand.

On that basis, HUNTERS' POINT has now chosen to buy their own metal 3D printer which is initially located at – and operated by – the Danish Technological Institute

Kig ind i metal 3D-printerHelp with run-in and training

HUNTERS’ POINT’s metal 3D printer has been purchased with guidance from the DTI, whose Additive Manufacturing specialists are now responsible for the operation of the metal printer, while they are simultaneously helping HUNTERS' POINT get ready to operate it in Brerringbro in the future.

In order to run in your own 3D printer and be in charge of the production, you need the proper knowledge of the machine, including how it should be run and under what production conditions.

- At DTI, we have the skills to set up the printer and to produce the parts. We can determine what equipment is needed in a production setup, and we can handle the training, says Kristoffer Ryelund Nielsen, business manager at DTI.

At the same time, the 3D printing production manager at DTI is running buddy training with hunting shop's weapon mechanic and workshop manager, Thomas Jensen, on how to operate the printer.

This means that the shop can keep both the metal printer and the workshop in Bjerringbro running, while gaining the right knowledge and experience of 3D print production through DTI.

It is the absolute best and most practical solution that we have entered into this collaboration with DTI, rather than buying a metal 3D printer on our own

- Thomas Jensen, HUNTERS' POINT

The training has consisted of a seven-day initial training, and now Thomas Jensen is at DTI once or twice a week. Here, he learns the technical part of making 3D models as well as converting files to the right folders and file types, and the practicalities of preparing the machine for the start of printing and post-processing of parts.

In the future, this will result in HUNTERS' POINT being able to have their own local production of 3D-printed silencers - and operate their metal 3D printer themselves.

Kig ind i rensestation for metal 3D-print pulver- Once I have received all the training, I need to be able to use the machine myself, we will bring the machine and the remedies home to Bjerringbro, where the workshop is. Then it becomes part of my machine package out at the workshop, Thomas Jensen explains.

Consultancy on the purchase of a metal 3D printer

In addition to help with running in the 3D printer and training in how to operate it, DTI has helped HUNTERS' POINT buy the right metal 3D printer.

- We can also help find the right supplier of machines and help negotiate the agreement in place, says Kristoffer Ryelund Nielsen.

This is an agreement that HUNTERS' POINT is also pleased with.

We have been very satisfied with the advice that DTI has given us and our partner, Dansk Teknologi, in the process of finding the right supplier of our new 3D metal printer. The choice of printer will certainly have an impact on which supplier we choose for a possible expansion of production

- Carsten Ishøy, HUNTERS' POINT

When HUNTERS' POINT is ready to operate the printer themselves, DTI will help guide the store in establishing the right conditions at the workshop in Bjerringbro. This includes, e.g., setting up a battery pack with electricity, water, gas supply, and extraction.

3D printing can offer better silencers

HUNTERS' POINT has had the design for the silencers developed at Dansk Teknologi, which then contacted DTI for help in optimizing the design for 3D printing and manufacturing the silencers.

The image below is from HUNTERS' POINT's website and show the titanium silencer

#D-printet lyddæmper i titanium

The collaboration between the parties to 3D-print silencers in titanium grew out of HUNTERS' POINT's own desire to utilize the design advantages that the technology can provide.

With 3D printing, there is a geometric freedom that provides some new possibilities for designing a silencer that works even better. The silencer is thus optimized to dampen the sound as much as possible and at the same time be as light as possible

- Kristoffer Ryelund, Danish Technological Institute

Weapons mechanic Thomas Jensen has seen the benefits himself through the collaboration with DTI:

- It has really opened my eyes to how universal the machine is and what it can be used for. With a 3D printer, you can make really complex small models that cannot be milled and that would take forever to make with traditional processing, he concludes.