Machinery Directive - Type Examination - Introduction

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Machinery Directive - Type Examination - Introduction

Certification & Inspection at the Danish Technological Institute is the only designated Notified Body in Denmark for type examination of machines covered by Annex IV of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EU.

We offer type examination of the following types of machines or equipment:

  • Lifts for persons or persons and goods
  • Vehicle servicing lifts.
  • Circular saws
  • Straightener with manual feed for wood processing
  • Thickness planers for wood processing
  • Band saws
  • Combined machines for wood processing
  • Milling machines with vertical spindle, with manual feed, for wood processing
  • Presses, including press brakes, for cold processing of metals
  • Removable mechanical transmission shafts, including their shielding
  • Shielding for removable mechanical transmission devices.
  • Logical control units for security functions.

The process for type examination typically starts with an initial dialogue where the product is presented, and where the practical course is agreed.

The type examination or certification basically consists of the following processes:

  • The manufacturer submits an application with name, address, and information about production sites
  • The manufacturer submits technical documentation
  • The Danish Technological Institute examines and approves the technical documentation
  • The Danish Technological Institute informs the manufacturer of the results of the examination
  • Time, place and scope of testing and examination are agreed
  • The Danish Technological Institute carries out inspection of the type, and carries out necessary practical tests and examinations in cooperation with the manufacturer
  • The Danish Technological Institute issues the type examination certificate.

The technical documentation must as a minimum contain:

  • A description of the machine
  • Construction and fabrication drawings as well as sketches of components, sub-assemblies, circuits, etc. and possibly descriptions and explanations necessary for understanding of said drawings and sketches
  • Construction calculations (strength calculations) and surveys etc.
  • List of standards that are wholly or partially used
  • Risk assessment with description of selected solutions with regard to meeting requirements and results of any test reports
  • User’s guide
  • Declaration of conformity (presentation)