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Microalgae Services - Projects

At the Ddanish Technological Institute (DTI), we work on a variety of microalgae projects that can benefit both the environment and society. Our research and innovation at DTI focus on harnessing microalgae to create sustainable solutions in areas such as food production, feed production, and energy production.

ReMAPP – Resource Efficient Microalgae Protein Production

The project aims at developing an integrated technology platform for microalgae cultivation and processing technology for production of sustainable high protein animal feed. The project will meet the rise in global population and protein consumption along with the need to reduce land-use and greenhouse gas emissions from livestock production, which present an urgent need for alternatives to the current use of arable land for feed purposes.

GeneBEcon - Capturing the potential of Gene editing for a sustainable BioEconomy

The aim of GeneBEcon is to use new genomic techniques (NGT) and contribute to an energy-efficient, low input and zero pollution agricultural production and industrial processing. The project will apply NGT in two production systems: (1) to develop virus-resistant potatoes and (2) to microalgae-based production of mycosporine-like amino acids (MAAs) relevant to industry.

Micalg Prot - Green protein for white cheese

New protein sources, considered environmentally friendly, are seen as important substitutes for soybean or fish meal. Single-cell proteins (SCPs) from microalgae are suitable for human consumption because they contain all the essential amino acids, require less water and land to grow, and are free of herbicides, antibiotics, and hormones. The obstacle in the production of microalgae proteins for plant-based cheese is the green pigment chlorophyll, which affects the final product.

ProLocAL - Protein from locally grown legumes and algae for organic chickens

The ProLocAL project is a ICROFS Organic RDD GUDP Project.

The main project goal is to improve the environmental footprint of organic chicken meat production, by feeding the chickens with locally produced crops and microalgae instead of imported protein sources - without affecting taste, texture or quality of the meat.