Quality assurance of 3D printing - Mechanical and metallurgical examinations

Søren Jepsen Mark

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Close-up af 3D-printede grammofon pickupper

Quality assurance of 3D printing - Mechanical and metallurgical examinations

3D printing is a fast-growing market with a huge potential. The methods, machines, process variables, and alloys are many, and this places very special demands on testing and validation of the products - especially the critical ones.

At the Danish Technological Institute, we offer end-to-end production of 3D-printed metal items - including subsequent consulting and quality assurance of the material properties in our own ISO 17025 accredited test laboratory.
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During the start-up of a series production, we offer help in preparing a product specification, which e.g. defines:

  • Geometry and appearance of the component
  • Functionality
  • Properties
  • Miscellaneous

Quality assurance of material properties

Based on the product specification, we test critical parameters, which are either demonstrated initially in connection with a qualification production or continuously checked at each production. Our consulting and tests are based on current ISO and ASTM standards in the field, and they typically include control and compliance of properties, such as:

  • Chemical composition – e.g. control of powder material or finished component
  • Mechanical properties – e.g. hardness, tensile strength, fatigue properties, and function testing
  • Microstructure – e.g. control of grain size, phases, impurities, or porosities in finished component
  • Geometric tolerances and non-destructive tests (NDT) - control measurement in CT-Scan and CMM.

Consulting and development of customized material properties

In addition to ongoing quality assurance, we also offer customized material development courses. It could be a desire to develop and get advise on 3D-printed items with special properties, such as parameter optimization for fast and cost-optimized print production or adaptation of special strength requirements – e.g. own industry standard - by means of subsequent heat treatment processes.