Tribology at the Danish Technological Institute is now ISO 9001 certified

Bjarke Holl Christensen

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Kartotek med visning af ISO 9001

Tribology at the Danish Technological Institute is now ISO 9001 certified

With an ISO 9001 certification for Tribology, the Danish Technological Institute meets the increased demand for certified process management. At the same time, the certification means that customers avoid having to audit the Danish Technological Institute.

The Danish Technological Institute collaborate on a daily basis with customers who have high documentation requirements for finished components and coatings, and this places extensive demands on process management. Therefore, the certification for Tribology was a natural and important step, which guarantees a systematic approach to handling management strategies and processes that meet customer expectations.

- With the ISO 9001 certification, all processes are certified. This is of course important from the customers’ point of view because the ISO 9001 certification leads to an expectation that the customers' parts are handled correctly from start to finish - and that all the processes are under control. This ensures the customer that the agreements we make will also be the agreements we work from, and that deviations are handled professionally. That way, it is by and large a question offering peace-of-mind to the customer, says Bjarke Holl Christensen, Team Manager at the Danish Technological Institute.

A simplification of customers' processes

In addition to the certification ensuring the customer full traceability in the process, Bjarke Holl Christensen also explains that the certification simplifies the customers' processes because they avoid having to audit themselves, which may be the case in the food and medico segment.

- Even though we have carried out many of the same processes in the past, it has been a matter of being able to document it via an external sign of approval. In the past, several of our customers have had to audit us to have us as subcontractors, but now that we have the certification, it means that they avoid this process. So in addition to giving peace-of-mind, it is also a simplification of their processes, because it has already been done by an external party, says Bjarke Holl Christensen and adds:

- Therefore, many customers will save work by the fact that we have received an external certification that the way we act and run our processes is in order.

A constant focus on possible improvements

It is not only in terms of external collaboration that the certification is important: Internally, the certification also requires a constant focus on the processes.

The ISO 9001 certification requires that we constantly consider our own processes, and it forces us to constantly stay on our toes and doing the best possible work. That way, the certification also has an internal significance that ensures a very sharp managerial focus

- Bjarke Holl Christensen, Danish Technological institute

”Quality is a key parameter for us”

The relentless focus on quality management also benefits customers, as the focus is on a continuous improvement of delivery and uptime and always being able to deliver the best quality.

- Quality is a key parameter for us, and therefore it is also important to always be at the forefront of processes to ensure that we do things in the best possible way, says Bjarke Holl Christensen, and elaborates on how the certification has been an external confirmation of the Tribology Center's quality requirements:

- With the ISO 9001 certification, our focus on quality and professionalism is no longer something that is implicit - it is also explicitly confirmed by external parties.