CO2 and NH3 laboratory - Refrigeration and Heat Pump Laboratory

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CO2 and NH3 laboratory - Refrigeration and Heat Pump Laboratory

The CO& NHLaboratory is a part of our state-of-the-art Refrigeration and Heat Pump Laboratory which also comprises three other laboratories: 

Our laboratories play a significant role in developing new design and technology and we cover all phases from development and construction to the final product. 

Our professional foundation is among others our expert competencies in refrigeration and heat pump technology and solar energy as well as a wide range of engineering disciplines including fluid dynamics, CFD calculations, heat transfer, turbo machinery, PV systems, energy optimization etc. Moreover, our specialists have in-depth knowledge about EU legislation on ecodesign and energy labelling requirements as well as Energy Star requirements.

We cooperate with e.g. authorities, manufacturers and importers and we participate in R&D projects aiming at improving technology, designs and products. If you have an idea for a R&D project or want to participate in one, please contact us for further information.