Humidity and Air Temperature

Mette  Pedersen

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Måling og kalibrering

Humidity and Air Temperature

The Humidity Laboratory offers calibration of instruments for measuring relative humidity, dewpoint and air temperature in a wide measurement range.

Furthermore, we offer testing of sensors e.g. for determining non-linearity, cross-sensitivity effects, etc. as well as temperature and humidity tests of other products.

For humidity measurements we use state-of-the-art chilled mirror hygrometers as reference instruments. For the generation of well-defined conditions in terms of humidity and temperature the laboratory uses a climatic chamber and a dewpoint generator. The ranges covered with this equipment are: 0.2 % - 95 % relative humidity, -75 °C to 70 °C dewpoint temperature and -70 °C to 180 °C air temperature.

We perform advisory assignments, business-oriented courses and are a valuable partner in development projects. We perform measurement engineering advice, e.g. on calculation of measurement uncertainty.

We regularly invite industry and laboratories to participate in accredited intercomparisons - see proficiency testing.

The laboratory is accredited by The Danish Accreditation Service (DANAK) in the ranges
0.2 % - 95 % relative humidity, -75 °C to 70 °C dewpoint temperature and -40 °C to 90 °C air temperature – see registration no. 200 for detailed specifications of the calibration services and uncertainties.