Water vapour laboratory

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Water vapour

Water vapour laboratory

The Water vapour laboratory has the main purpose of working with water as a natural refrigerant, primarily in terms of R&D projects, as well as testing of measuring equipment.

Since 2003, the laboratory has been a central part of various large-scale projects with international partners. Some of these projects have enabled a breakthrough in climate and eco-friendly refrigerants and HVAC appliances, and others have resulted in the development of a new type of compressor, which has the ability of using water as a natural refrigerant. The compressor is developed for the high temperature range, i.e. 90-110 °C, for industrial heat pumps in the 100-150 kW range with a 20-25 °C temperature lift per stage.

The use of water as a refrigerant makes it possible to replace the synthetic HFC-refrigerants regularly used in large-scale refrigeration equipment, while also potentially saving energy.

All tests carried out in the Water Vapour Laboratory are customised in order to fit the needs of a given project, i.e. we offer unique tests that are different from generic lab tests. The laboratory is able to test appliances with a capacity up to 2.5 MW.


Lab services

We offer consultancy and testing of various types of plants, products and components including:

  • Design of compressors, heat exchangers and other components, including axial and radial compressors of all shapes and sizes.
  • Testing of compressors, heat exchangers and components.
  • Testing of entire systems using water vapour, including other purposes than cooling.
    Other applications, e.g. industrial unit operation such as drying processes, concentration, desalination, and dehydration, etc.
  • Product development and optimization
  • Unique test setups and installations

Please contact us for further information about these services and other related enquiries.


The price depends on the type of testing; please contact us for a quotation.