Innovation driven by users and employees

Ana Maria d´Auchamp

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Bruger- og medarbejderdreven innovation

Innovation driven by users and employees

Involvement of users and employees may contribute invaluably to new solutions. These may be new products or new methods. It requires processes and methods to get the full benefit to the satisfaction of all parities. We consider it to be our duty to refine elements and tools so that they make sense and can be used in many different types of companies and challenges. We have extensive experience in using such involved methods and, as we see it, such methods should be seen in connection with other innovative methods. This is our basis for providing solutions for companies and carrying out comprehensive innovative projects. We do so without forgetting that innovation is about development and transformation of ideas into market value.

Among other things, the Danish Technological Institute can help you

  • Adapt innovative methods and tools to fit your situation
  • Carry out processes involving users and/or employees
  • Collect the results of involvement processes to help your innovation
  • Transform the contributions into concrete innovative solutions
  • Provide information on the latest development within involvement methods