Electrical and Electronic Tests - Electrical Safety

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Employee is performing electrical measurement tests and a response is seen on the output screen

Electrical and Electronic Tests - Electrical Safety

We can provide a variety of tests to ensure electronic safety

Visual Inspection Test

This method involves the visual observation both with and without magnification of the surface of a test object to evaluate the presence of surface discontinuities such as corrosion, misalignment of parts, physical damage, and cracks

An electrical engineer sits at a pick and place machine working on a PCB boardInsulation Resistance Test

This test determines how effective the dielectric (insulation) is in isolating the flow of electrical current. Such tests are useful for checking the quality of insulation, not only when a product is first manufactured but also over time as the product is used.

Standards used: IEC 60664-2-1, ed. 2.0 (2011-01), IEC 60664-1:2007, IEC 60664-3:2016, IEC Technical Specification (TS) 62993:2017

High Voltage Test, High Potential Test

Dielectrics withstand or high potential (hipot) testing checks the quality of insulation in medium and high-voltage devices to ensure no leakage of current during operation.

Standards used: IEC 60060-3

Electrical tests that are set up in a climate chamberImpedance Test

An impedance test is conducted to make sure that, if a fault occurs in an electrical circuit, the fault current will be strong enough to set off the circuit protection.

Standards used: ASTM E1050

Leakage Current Test

A line voltage leakage current test simulates the effect of a person touching exposed metal parts of a product and detects whether the leakage current that would flow through the person's body remains below a safe level.

Earth Continuity Test

This test ensures that all exposed metal parts in a device are connected to the ground wire and will therefore not be a safety issue for users.