Electrical and Electronic Tests - Electronic Tests

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Employee soldering electronics

Electrical and Electronic Tests - Electronic Tests

Rigid PCB Board Tests

In traditional electronics, printed circuit boards (PCBs) allow for reliable connection of electronic components in a device. For a product to function properly the PCB must have certain structural attributes, including connections between layers, connections to components, high base material quality and an adequate surface finish. We can check the quality of PCB boards at the development stage before you go into large scale production using microsectioning.

Standards: IPC 6012 class 2, IPC 9241, IPC-TM-650, IPC-TM-650

A PCB board that says Hello World is on a Pick and Place machineEnvironmental Testing 

Any electronic product must operate in the real world. Your product will probably be used by your clients in many different climatic conditions (different countries and seasons) and be exposed to water, dust, dirt, etc. Therefore, the functionality of the product on different climatic parameters needs to be tested before you put it on the market. We can do both standard tests and customized tests for equipment that needs to operate under extreme conditions. We are also perform real-time electrical testing during environmental conditioning.

Standards: ASTM F1596-15

The inside of a climate chamber with an electrical test set upMalfunction Diagnosis and Troubleshooting

With our suite of electrical tests we have the ability to diagnose and troubleshoot malfunctioning equipment. We also have the ability to perform infrared photography to measure the thermal signature from an electronic device. This can be a very useful tool in determining where a malfunction is occuring when compared to a properly functioning device.

Stretch, Bend and Crease Tests

For flexible and/or stretchable applications, the electronic performance under mechanical strain is important. The flexible conductive tracks and components can be tested for degradation of performance under use conditions. In addition, some components that are not meant to be flexed or strained during normal operation might not be sufficiently ruggedized and as such can break or get damaged with use. We have the ability to do bend, stretch and crease tests.

Standards: IPC-9204, ASTM F2750-16, ASTM F2749-15