Energy experiments on pellet production

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Energy experiments on pellet production


Energy experiments on pellet production

Danish Technological Institute offers a unique opportunity to evaluate specific energy consumption per ton of feed when pelleting animal feed.


Power consumption or energy use is a key element in producing pellets.
Pelleting itself can account for more than half of the electrical consumption. Factors that can decrease the electrical consumption of the pelleting process can be specific ingredients that are added to the meal mix before pelleting. Other factors that play a significant role in energy consumption are steam condition, diet formulation, retention time in the conditioner and die design.

The experimental setup could include the following types of assessments:

  • Testing your ingredient, such as variations of phospholipids.
  • Discussion on test setup and which parameters / ingredients are relevant to test.
  • Purchase of raw materials, grinding, mixing and pelleting.
  • Separate measurements of energy consumption by steam and press to get the specific energy consumption per ton feed.
  • Short report with results and sample products.


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