Ingredients and additives to food and feed

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Ingredients and additives to food and feed

At Danish Technological Institute we offer a 1.300 m2 test facility for testing and production in pilot scale. This gives you the opportunity to try out new formulas, ingredients and additives for food and feed without interrupting your existing production.

At our pilot test facilities you can perform trials under controlled conditions and receive reliable data to verify your product or identify the need for further development before up-scaling to full commercial size.

We offer:

  • Test how enzymes and other additives are best added to food and feed within extrusion and pelletizing
  • Development and adjustment of recipes to document the effects and stability of additives in food and feed products during production
  • Advise on development and optimization of recipes
  • Help you understand the processes involved during pelleting or extrusion
  • Additive mixing
  • We invite customers to be present at the tests


Our services: Pilot production of food and feed