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We offer pilot scale extrusion of food and feed with an output of pasta, ready-to-eat cereals, snacks, pet foods, and textured vegetable proteins etc. In the proces, we experiment with the raw material and how it is exposed to heat and pressure. This makes it possible to design the final product so it obtains a certain density and porosity. Our expert knowledge and equipment is available to you during the entire production process: from proposal to decision of formular, purchase of ingredients, grinding, mixing and subsequently extrusion.

For further information www.dti.dk/35241.

We offer:

  • Single screw extrusion for feed (10 kg - 3000 kg/hour)
  • Twin screw extrusion for process- and product development, texturizing of plant protein, micro encapsulation vitamins, aromas etc.
  • Consultancy on ingredient mixtures, raw materials and process optimization

For prices, please use the formular to the right.