Glass-ceramic coatings - Consultancy and testing

Claus  Bischoff

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Glass-ceramic coatings - Consultancy and testing

Many surfaces require special treatment or coating to optimize longevity and performance. At the Danish Technological Institute, we are happy to help with advice, so you can choose the right coating on an informed basis. Our team of specialists advises on optimizing surfaces in all types of professions, and we have the necessary test and production facilities to turn advice into action.

In order to identify the most suitable surface coating for a specific application, it is necessary both to characterize the coating for a number of common parameters, including layer thickness and adhesion, as well as to test the coating under more specific conditions that simulate industrial use.

At the Danish Technological Institute, we have extensive experience with many different types of surface coatings, and we have a wealth of tools for characterizing and quality assuring these coatings.

We can help setting up tests, and we make sure that you get the appropriate tests to qualify your particular products.

Standard tests include: 

  • maskine til test af overfladebelægningPull-off adhesion test to characterize mechanical adhesion
  • Determination of surface energy for assessment of repellency and adhesion properties
  • Contact angle measurement for determination of surface energy as well as changes and degradation of surfaces (e.g. in case of wear)
  • Pensil hardness test to determine hardness and scratch resistance
  • Mandrel bend test to determine flexibility
  • Measurement of surface profile with a profilometer
  • SEM / EDX microscopy to characterize the layer thickness, homogeneity and elemental composition of the surface coating
  • Stability during condensation
  • Stability under temperature and pressure in various liquid media

If you need special tests that require other test setups, we can also help you with this.

Metalplade med test af overfladebelægningIn addition, our laboratory has specialized equipment for state-of-the-art testing of icephobic surfaces.

Screening and selection 

We are happy to help screen and test surfaces where we investigate what is on the market - or offer a solution from our own range of products - so you can choose the right solution for your product or production.

A screening can, among other things, be used to assess which properties will best suit your needs. Through our network, we know the market when it comes to surfaces, and we can therefore quickly find the solution you need.