Glass-ceramic coatings - Products

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Glass-ceramic coatings - Products

At the Danish Technological Institute, we have a series of surface coatings that can be applied to metallic items with a few days' notice in order to achieve new or improved surface properties.

Common to these coatings are the excellent non-stick and easy-to-clean properties as well as micrometer-thin layer thicknesses. Prior to all coating processes, we will be in close dialogue with you and your company regarding the choice of coating(s) in relation to the operating conditions to which the coatings are exposed, what types of surfaces are to be coated, and test parameters for assessing the coating's properties. Tests are performed in our laboratory, after which we perform the coating and curing process in our own facilities.

Do the properties below not match what you are looking for? Call us and let us find a solution together.

The CoreCoat (CC) family

The CoreCoat family consists of inorganic-organic glass-ceramic Sol-Gel coatings, which have been developed to have excellent non-stick and easy-to-clean properties without the use of fluorides (e.g. PTFE). The transparent coatings are typically 2-15 µm thick with good flexibility, and they can be coated on special designs and hard-to-reach surfaces. The coatings have good adhesion to aluminum, stainless steel, inconel, duplex, copper and titanium (depending on the surface, a primer may be needed). One of the coatings can also be applied to polymeric materials such as POM (see CC50).


  • Very strong non-stick and easy-to-clean effect
  • Can withstand temperatures up to 80 °C
  • Thickness between 2-8 µm
  • Curing temperature at about 200 °C


  • Further development of CC10 - CC30 is characterized by having better water stability than CC10
  • Can withstand temperatures up to 100 °C 
  • Thickness between 2-8 µm
  • Curing temperature at about 200 °C


  • Curing temperature between room temperature and 140 °C (higher curing temperature provides better non-stick and easy-to-clean properties and adhesion)
  • Can be used on some plastic surfaces. This will require testing of one or more pretreatments such as Open-air plasma or sandblasting (we have these pretreatment methods available and can test them for you) 
  • Excellent non-stick properties  
  • Thickness between 2-8 µm

Thermo Coat  (TC)

TC200 is an organic-inorganic glass-ceramic sol-gel coating developed with exceptional heat resistance and good non-stick and easy-to-clean properties. TC200 is specially designed to be thermally resistant and flexible, and is therefore well suited for designs with special designs or hard-to-reach surfaces.


  • High temperature stable non-stick and easy-to-clean sol-gel coating 
  • Can withstand temperatures up to 200 °C 
  • Thickness between 3-6 µm 
  • Curing temperature at about 200 °C

Coating for food contact

We also offer coatings for components with food contact. Below you can see our declaration of conformity. Contact us to hear more about the various options.

Ice-repellent surfaces

We offer several standard coating solutions for ice-repellent surfaces - either for low adhesion, which reduces ice adhesion in atmospheric air, delaying freezing and reducing ice spread on surfaces. The coating is suitable on metal surfaces, it is transparent, and it is only a few micrometers thick. If you have special wishes for your ice-repellent surface, you are welcome to contact us.

  • Easy defrosting
  • Reduces freezing
  • Reduces freezing point
  • Stops ice spread