Glass-ceramic coatings - Research and development

Claus  Bischoff

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Glass-ceramic coatings - Research and development

With the possibilities of achieving completely new properties through the use of functional surface coatings, research and development of new and optimized coatings is constantly taking place to meet the needs of companies - also at the Danish Technological Institute.

Technologies are constantly being developed that make it possible to incorporate completely new functions into coatings. This development opens up completely new areas of application, and thus solutions to problems that were previously written off as impossible.

4 Glaskolber med blå væskeAs one of the leading players in research and development of functional surface coatings, the Danish Technological Institute actively participates in both small and large development projects. For almost 20 years, we have built up a strong network, both nationally and internationally, and we are in close contact with several small and large industrial companies as well as a large number of university and research units.

We have laboratory facilities for development, testing and application of functional surface coatings. Through the development tasks, we ensure both knowledge development and knowledge transfer to Danish and foreign companies, as we take care of a number of industry-relevant issues. We are also involved in commercial contract research with companies, and additionally we can help with material selection and characterization as well as the development of functional surface coatings.

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Below you can read more about some of our current and previous projects: