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mand arbejder med metal 3D-printer


With the DISCMAM project, the European Union finances innovation in military logistics using additive manufacturing technologies.

DISCMAM  is a collaborative effort involving a consortium of 10 entities from 5 European countries. It is a European Defence Fund project which is funded by the European Commission, and the aim is to develop a secure digital platform for repair and spare parts using metal additive manufacturing. This initiative seeks to revolutionize the digital supply chain dedicated to on-site maintenance of military operations.

At the project launch event in January 2024, the project coordinator highlighted the innovative approach centered around metal additive manufacturing. The primary goal is to enhance efficiency in military maintenance by enabling the repair and manufacturing of spare parts on-site.

There is an emphasis on the potential for establishing a secure digital path for remote support of military operations, focusing on the use of metal additive manufacturing for the repair and replacement of parts where they are needed and demanded.

In addition to the proposed improvements, the DISCMAM project not only seeks to advance significantly in the digital supply chain for on-site maintenance in defence but also aims to strengthen the capabilities of the European defence sector against constantly evolving challenges. In this regard, the initiative is expected to streamline the repair process, as well as to reinforce autonomy in military operations and create a reliable digital supply chain capable of efficiently and safely repairing and manufacturing spare parts. European collaboration between entities involved in the project will contribute to ensuring the different points of view, experience and multidisciplinary teams, enriching the project and preparing it for future applications in defence.


Expertise from all over Europe

The project brings together the expertise of 10 European entities from Spain, France, Denmark, Norway, and the Netherlands, aiming to establish a robust digital method for repairing and manufacturing spare parts using additive manufacturing technologies.

Focus areas

  • Secure digital pathway for repair and manufacturing of spare parts
  • New business model toward remote assisted on-site maintenance operations, starting with Additive Manufacturing
  • Generation of fast response Digital Twins for in-field PBF-LB (Laser-based powder bed fusion) and DED-LB (Laser-based directed energy deposition) systems
  • Creation of a cyber secure digital marketplace for military purposes

Project facts

DISCMAM is a European Defence Fund project which is funded by the European Commission with 3.67 million euros. It is a collaborative effort involving a consortium of 10 entities from 5 European countries. The partners are Lortek (ES), Innotec System (ES), Optimus 3D (ES), Zabala Innovation (ES), Adaxis (FR), Censec (DK), Euler3D APS (DK), Danish Technological Institute (DK), Fieldmade (NO), and Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (NL). 

The project period is 2023-2026