Real Driving Emission Measurements (RDE) of Vehicles

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Real Driving Emission Measurements (RDE) of Vehicles

What are the actual emissions from vehicles in city traffic, on highway and motorway?

We offer counselling and accredited Real Driving Emission (RDE) measurements. Thereby, we provide customers with knowledge of the effects of real driving.

The RDE-measurement shows the pollution from a vehicle during realistic driving and gives answers to fuel economy.

RDE-measurements provide following information:

  • Vehicle’s emissions of NOX, CO, CO2
  • Vehicle’s emissions of particles
  • Fuel consumption
  • External factors and their influence on emissions eg. tailback, speed and weather
  • Geographical view of emissions


We use the internationally recognized PEMS-equipment (Portable Emission Measurement System) to perform the realistic measurements. We carry out accredited measurements under DANAK reg no. 300. Once a measurement is completed, the customer receives a report according to below mentioned directive and a calculation of compliance factors within the regulated emissions. 

PEMS is legally embedded in the EU directive No 582/2011, obliging bus- and truck producers to document vehicle’s emissions during usage – so-called in-use conformity. PEMS for cars is gradually implemented from 2017 to 2020.