Funding for development with 3D printing - Applying for funding

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Funding for development with 3D printing - Applying for funding

Applications for public co-financing for development work can be anything from a few pages to several hundred pages. It depends on the funding body and support programme - and on the amount of co-financing you apply for.

Applications for public co-financing usually consist of a large number of different sections. These cover everything from descriptions of the various technical backgrounds and development potentials over market analysis and growth potential to how a given innovation will affect society in a wider sense.

Some of these sections require input from the technical experts, while others are of a less technical nature. The latter are more about proving that the project is correctly matched with the support programme.

The coherent application requires time

When these input from very different professional areas have to be written together into a coherent application that meets the funding body's requirements for both professional and financial structure, it requires time and overview if you want to ensure a good chance of positive feedback in terms of  support.

If you cannot allocate the resources for this yourself, we will be happy to help with the work surrounding the application process itself. Among other things, this can be determining the scope of the project so that it matches the chosen funding body as best as possible and to ensure that the project structure is set up so that it best matches this and brings everyone's skills into play. You can also be dependent on communication with the right stakeholders at the funding body to ensure that the proposed project structure matches their focus.

The actual process leading up to the deadline requires sharp coordination between all involved partners. In addition, there is a need for a thorough overview of the required input from all partners to ensure an efficient process. We have experience with these processes and can act as meeting leader and facilitator. We can also help with all the administrative matters surrounding the submission of the application as well as ensuring the quality of the budget against the funding body's requirements.

Here you can see an overview of what we can help with:

  • Determine the scope of the project so that it matches the selected funding body as best as possible
  • Coordination between all partners involved
  • Overview of the required input
  • Establishing an effective project structure
  • Ensure that the project budget complies with all formal requirements from the funding body
  • Communication with funding body
  • All administration related to the application