Funding for development with 3D printing - Funding roadmap

Ellen M. J. Hedegaard

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Funding for development with 3D printing - Funding roadmap

The amount of funding options - in Denmark and especially in Europe - can seem overwhelming if you are not used to navigating them. We can help you.

Both Danish and European authorities offer a wide range of opportunities to apply for co-financing for development projects and market maturation. The focus of these support opportunities changes from year to year and depends on many factors. In order to get an overview, it is necessary to keep up to date with the programmes of the various funding bodies. In addition, the formal requirements that must be met in order to be able to apply with a specific funding body can also change continuously. At the Danish Technological Institute, we have many years of experience in identifying which support options are available and how best to apply for them.

Finding the right support programmes

Writing a project application can be a lot of work and even the best application is not guaranteed success. Therefore, it pays off to consider not just one but several different support programmes right from the start. The different requirements for these different support options may necessitate that a focus be placed on different parts of the development - or that collaborations be set up with different partners.

We are happy to help put together a roadmap of which support options suit your particular idea and what the requirements for these support options are. Furthermore, we can help identify how we will be able to further assist you and your company in connection with the various applications.