Funding for development with 3D printing - Find the right partners

Ellen M. J. Hedegaard

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Funding for development with 3D printing - Find the right partners

Maybe your company knows all about your own idea or innovation - but often the further development will require input from other knowledge areas to make an innovation market-ready.

Often a new idea will require the development of other new technologies, e.g. an important sub-component where you and your company do not have the skills to develop this yourself. It may also be that you need feedback or tests with potential end users who see a technological or financial advantage in implementing your solution. Both situations require collaboration across industries and possibly national borders.

We know the requirements for participation

Many funding bodies also have very specific requirements for how the project team must be put together. This applies, e.g., to how large the participating companies may or must be, and often there are also requirements for partners from specific countries or groups of countries. At the Danish Technological Institute, we are completely up to date with these rules, and we are happy to guide you in how your particular project consortium can be set up.

At the Danish Technological Institute, we have more than 10,000 unique customers overall, and we collaborate with a large number of project partners both at home and abroad. We are also part of the EUROTECH network, which gives us access to contacts in a large number of European countries. Through our extensive network, we can therefore help you find the right partner for your specific project - or to evaluate the potential of the partners that you introduce yourself.