Microalgae Facilities

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Close up af algereactor

Microalgae Facilities

The facilities and expertise at DTI cover the entire value chain of microalgae bioprocess, including cultivation, harvesting, product extraction, stabilization, and characterization.

Overview of a range of our equipment from Cultivation to Extrusion and Extraction

CultivationPhototrophic and mixotrophic production




1-5 L photobioreactors and fermenters

1-5 L photobioreactors and fermenters




25-250 L indoor photobioreactors and fermenters

25-250 L indoor photobioreactors and fermenters




 200 L GMO photobioreactor and fermenters

200 L GMO photobioreactor and fermenters




Outdoor photobioreactor (3000 L)

Udendørs algemark Hos Teknologisk Institut 3000 L


Heterotrophic production




1 L fermentor

1 liter twin fermentor




20 L fermentor

20 Liter fermentor uden baggrund




200 L fermentor

200 L fermentor uden baggrund






2 Liter centrifuge

Mikro alge centrifuge




Centrifuge (multifunctional separator)

Cenrifuge-biofermentering uden baggrund




Filtration on a pilot scale

Filtration biofermentering uden baggrund


Freeze dryer (for lab scale testing)(Picture coming soon)




Spray Dryer (for food grade applications)

Spary dryer uden baggrund


Extrusion and Extraction





Twin screw extruder

Twin screw extruder




Screw press extractor

Screw press extractor

Extraction/hydrolysis tanks (pilot scale systems for food grade protein and starch)

(Picture coming soon)

How can the Danish Technological Institute help you?

The equipment is a part of the Danish Technological Institute's Biosolutions Technology Center, where we offer laboratory and pilot testing in the field of biorefining, biofermentation and mikroalgae. Our equipment is often involved as a subprocess in the development of innovative products - either in research and development projects or in direct collaborations with companies.

Offer and prices

If you are interested or want to know more about how we can help you, you can contact Team manager Praveen Kumar Ramasamy.