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A Technology Analysis from Danish Technological Institute gives you an overview og technology trends and new converging technology.

Technology Analysis

Companies’ requirements and needs change all the time – the same way technologies do.

A Technology Analysis (Teknologianalyse™) from Danish Technological Institute gives you an overview of technology trends and new converging technologies.

We give you an insight into market developments and map leading companies and research institutions within your technology area.

How to use our Technology Analysis
If you are doing product development or pilot production or need a strategic overview our Technology Analysis can help answer questions about:

  • Your competitors?
  • The technologies of the future?
  • R&D and innovation environments – where are they?
  • Who are the leading experts in the area and with whom do they collaborate?
  • Patents taken out in a specific technology area – and by whom?
  • Patents divided by country and time. Where do you find the most patents, who is upcoming, and who has taken the lead?
  • Technological convergence – which technologies are converging?

We also offer to search for technology trends in the research literature using databases such as SciVerse Scopus.

Specialists in handling large amounts of data
Our experienced analysts are specialists in handling and analysing large amounts of data in a strategic context.

As part of Danish Technological Institute, we always have access to leading technology experts with insight into your company’s technology. We always offer a project team of experts with both analytical and technical expertise.

PatSnap - the world’s leading patent database
In our analytical work, we also use PatSnap – the global leader when it comes to patent databases. Using PatSnap, we can give you a complete and nuanced picture of developments in your technology area. We have developed the underlying methods and tools in collaboration with Georgia Tech University in the USA. Data are edited, coded, and indexed consistently across the world’s patent offices. The patents are divided into more than 20 million patent families and cover more than 50 million patent applications.

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