Use tech-mining to learn about new technologies to strengthen your prioritisations

Stig Yding Sørensen

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Use tech-mining to learn about new technologies to strengthen your prioritisations

Knowledge about new technologies can strengthen companies or states’ strategic prioritization of technological research, development, innovation, and monitoring of competitors. We mine thousands of patents when searching for data patterns. This is called tech-mining.

Tech-mining is a strategic or analytical approach to big data, which gives both an insight and an outlook that would not have been possible before and which you cannot obtain in any other way.

Tech-mining allows you to take the pulse of technological developments worldwide, get an indication of the direction of developments for one or more technologies and use this knowledge actively in future, strategic decisions.

Patents give access to technology trends

Using global patent data, it is now possible to mine patents and reveal where companies are taking out the most patents worldwide. Danish Technological Institute has developed methods to delve into the new technologies. We have developed the methods in collaboration with Georgia Tech University – the world’s leading university within tech-mining.

Our analytical tools are now so strong that we can draw information from the patents that can reveal interesting trends and answer questions such as:

  • Who will be competitors in the future?
  • What are the newest technologies?
  • Where are the companies or universities located?
  • Who is cooperating with whom?
  • What is hot and upcoming?
  • What are we leaving behind?

We turn the vast amounts of data into a technological and strategic market overview, and it is not uncommon that an analysis or survey is based on 10,000 or as many as 100,000 patents.

We combine analyses with technological knowledge

Patent data show the big picture – but never the whole truth. Not all companies take out patents because taking out a patent is too expensive or perhaps developments in that specific area happen so fast that patent protection is irrelevant. There are also different approaches to taking out patents depending on your line of business, geography, culture, etc.

Danish Technological Institute employs leading experts in the newest technologies. Our combination of raw analytical power and technological expert knowledge gives you the chance to uncover global and strategic challenges and technological innovation potentials.

Why use tech-mining
Tech-mining can be used for different purposes. We can help you to be as precise as possible about the purpose, whether it is a matter of competitor monitoring, a prioritisation tool, etc. Together we decide how extensive the tech-mining needs to be and how you would like us to deliver the results to you, i.e., as presentations, datasets, a dashboard (BI-system), reports, etc. Some analyses or surveys can be done in a matter of a few hours, others may take days or even weeks to do.

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Read an example of one of our tech-mining analyses: Global Hot-spots of Advanced Technology.

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